Welcome To Joe's!

Joe Says "Happy B'Day!" to One of His Pizza Heads  :)

Pizza Head Lori gets her FREE Birthday Club pizza from none other than Joe The Pizza Man!  You can have a FREE pizza on your B'Day too. - It's simple.  Just click on the Birthday Club link above and sign up!

Here at Joe's pizza in Seneca South Carolina we have been shaking and baking mind blowing mouth watering pizza for all our friends and family for over 10 years. Come on in and enjoy the best pizza ever as Joe The Pizza Man and the pizza pizanos bake a little bit of love into every bite - guaranteed to stir the very soul! Come on in and enjoy a nice quiet peaceful evening at Joe's as you are greeted by the awesome gentle sounds of the 80's and incredible booths that suck you right in, especially after you eat :) - it's really really hard to get out! We have a wheel barrel in the back just in case :) Come eat pizza made to soothe your soul with a pepperoni roll :)

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